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CBD Packaging Design, What You Need To Know.

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

There are many mistakes when designing packaging for your CBD products that you are prone to make, and skipping any of these essential elements would affect your brand's reputation and image. With regulations easing up and more states legalizing Cannabis, the therapeutic substance is creating waves with every passing day.

Compelling Cannabis packaging begins with unforgettable packaging designs.

Whether you have just started off your CBD brand or been in the industry for a while, it is imperative to improve customer acquisition and retention rates to earn yourself a distinguished identity. Personalized packaging has the potential to sway casual buyers into noticing and liking the merchandise, as well as educating them about the products and the brand.

Packaging is an effective medium of consumer communication, marketing, and branding, so getting it designed and printed correctly, will have a great impact on your brand.

Here are some things you should keep in mind when designing your cannabis packaging.

Select the right materials for your product.

Whether you want to package cannabidiol cosmetics, chocolates, soap bars, oils, flowers, tinctures, or any other items, the packaging should be resilient and durable.

Ask the printer or designer to provide you material options, and explain their function. Do some research and get an idea of commonly used packaging in your specific product field. Find out if you will be needing primary, secondary, or tertiary packaging. Ensure that you ask in detail about the thickness, flexibility, and durability of the selected material before placing the order.

Include your branding essentials on all of your packaging.

Use images and colors that reflect your brand values and personality. You should have your brand colors, logo, tagline, website address, and social media profiles info printed prominently and consistently on your packaging design. CBD box packaging that will have all your business credentials will make it convenient for the buyers to connect with you and learn more about your upcoming products and offers.

Follow traditional branding guidelines for font, font size imagery, and color.

Be unique.

Don't use bland and boring packaging design. I know that it is your instinct to use green and a hemp leaf for your designs, however, so is everyone else. Breakaway from the crowd by adding colors that align more with how you want your customers to perceive your brand. Make sure that the design is alluring. Just using attractive graphics isn't enough, hire a design expert for the packaging and pay attention to design details so that the boxes have catchy content that makes the buyers stop and ask questions.

Do some research and become familiar with printing trends and try to incorporate them into your packaging. Just remember not to use too many trends, 2 enough, such as a matte finishing with foil stamping, or metallic printing on sustainable craft paper. The packaging should be a memento of your professionalism and creative approach.

Make Packaging descriptive and informative.

The packaging should help customers choose a product so make the boxes the boxes for merchandise to help buyers make an informed decision by adding formulation, usage, potential side effects, net weight, best before date, frequency, etc. It will create trust in your brand, and you will be able to create unique inkling for your merchandise. You can also include literature inside the boxes or behind the labels to elaborate on more detailed guidelines.

Offer customer-friendly packaging.

Discuss with a printer or designer the packaging styles that are user-friendly. Offering shoppers simple to handle packaging that is easy to open, close, carry and store will boost your image as a business that cares for its consumers' needs and comfort. Also, remember that many cannabis products need to be stored inside their boxes/packaging to protect them from temperature and light conditions.

Only go into production after you’ve approved a prototype.

Looking at the packaging on a screen is very different from an actual printed sample, which is why you should always ask for a PP (pre-production) sample, or prototype before going into full production. The font might not work, the box might be a smidgen too small, you might need additional pieces like a protective insert inside the box to ensure delivery. Always tell the printer information such as product size specs, how the product needs to be stored to retain quality, how the product will be distributed and displayed. These things will help your printer and designer deliver the best packaging solution for your product.

Change your packaging design often.

Ever notice that the CPG industry is always advertising a ‘new look’ or ‘improved product’? These changes not only improve CBD packaging but also make it enticing for existing and new customers. It shows that your company is always trying to improve the product to better serve their customer. Retain potential consumers' interest by offering them new CBD items in strikingly new designed boxes. Be the brand that is persistent with bringing in new and exciting ideas for creating new experiences for the consumers.

Also remember, not every printer is made equally, so speak to a professional to find out the right printer for your CBD product.

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