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Logo Design 101

The first thing potential customers see when they check out your business will almost always be your company logo. Something so seemingly small can make the difference between maintaining a visitor's attention and confidence or losing them in a manner of seconds. It's one of the few constants in the ever-changing landscape of the business world. Designing your logo then is the first step in translating a viewer's attention into a customer's purchase.

Designing Your Logo

A balance needs to be struck between following the tried and true principles of graphic design versus the personal needs and style of your company. This won't always be an easy line to walk, but skipping steps on designing your logo can mean losing out on a wealth of potential customers.

A logo needs to be simple and appropriate to your business. A simple and appropriate logo is a memorable logo and a memorable logo is an enduring logo. This simplicity also creates a flexible design. It should be able to be used on a variety of different platforms including product labels, websites, and social media. Here are some considerations that you need to make as you begin to design your logo.

Your Identity

Your logo should reflect the image you are trying to sell to your customers. Consider who your target audience is. Who are they and what are they interested in? This should be your priority when putting your logo together. Don't focus on what you want to see on your logo, but what you think will attract potential customers. Use google analytics and other data gathering tools to ensure that you can easily gather data on your customer demographics.

What's Your Story?

Find an idea that represents your brand. Even if your company is a young startup, you can gather those responsible for the launch of your business and formulate a founding myth and story. Take Starbucks for instance. A siren doesn't have much to do with coffee on the surface, and yet Starbucks attracts customers the same way a siren attracts sailors. It's important to listen to every suggestion from your team. Whether someone proposes an animal, a color theme, or a particular shape, you never know what interesting concepts

might arise from the many voices in your company.

Keep It Simple

If your logo isn't easily identifiable, it's a logo that your audience won't spend time on. The most iconic company logos are the ones with an instantly recognizable silhouette. This is important if your logo is going to appear on multiple platforms like your website or social media. Subtle inclusions such as a little easter egg can give your design a distinct character once you have your core design. Make sure that you test your logo first. See how it looks in black and white. If it doesn't look overdesigned and messy, you're doing good.

Logo makers can serve as an affordable and simple way to nail the design you're looking for, They make it easy to customize your logo for your customer's needs and allow you to try out many different iterations of your design quickly. This does have the potential however to create an easily replicated logo that lacks a personal touch. Copyright issues can pop up as a result and you should be prepared for such an event.

Now Add Flavor

There is a load of subtle ways that you can enhance the visage of your logo without overloading your design. Consider things such as interesting new fonts or a unique color palette. Compare what you're doing to the competition. What are they doing right and what are they getting wrong? Remember that at the end of the day, your logo has to be the product of solid research, smart design, and some trial and error

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