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Ready To Create A Brand?

Read This First


When creating a brand, there are a lot things that need to be taken into account. You have to think of your brand as an entity, a living thing (this business or product is probably your baby, after all). What does your 'baby' look like? What does it like? How does it interact with others? How does your baby make others feel?

Asking all of these questions before starting will help you create a solid visual identity to follow. But before you do, keep in mind these things:

• It Will Not Happen Overnight

Brands need development, require some trial and error, and time to build trust in your company.

• Consistency Is Key

Stick to the message do you send through the look and feel of your brand, and the experience you want your customers to have.

• Build A Tagline To Go With The Logo

The tagline supports and strengthens your brand expanding on your brand’s purpose.

• Marketing, Marketing, Marketing!

If you are not marketing, nothing will happen. Don’t underestimate the worth of marketing to bring in new business, especially in todays world of on-line marketing.

• Promotional Materials Are A Strong Investment

You want to invest in promotional items that will elevate your brand and distinguish it from the pack. Zagoory is a great place to start.

• Sales vs Branding

The greatest companies in the world don’t sell, they brand. Focus on building a relationship that will last by putting energy into branding. Always try to create an experience for your customers.

• Network

Learn from the businesses around you and your competitors. See what successful strategies they have employed and learn from them.

• Employ The Psychology Of Color

Specific colors evoke specific human emotions and feelings.

  • Blue is calming and cool.

  • Yellow is happiness, optimism, inspiration.

  • Purple stimulates the imagination.

  • Red, the color of confidence, excitement and energy.

  • Green is the color of nature, calm and relaxing.

  • Brown represents earth, security and contentment.

  • White represents youth and cleanliness.

  • Black represents elegance, mystery and power.

When choosing the colors to your brand, do the research, be selective.

• Consider These Branding Techniques

Email campaigns, landing pages, blog updates, newsletters and giveaways are all great and effective things to keep promoting your brand and driving business.

Hope this helps your on your brand creation journey!

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