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4 ways to elevate your brand using the psychology of touch in your packaging.

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

As a business owner, when you review your packaging design, you may feel like there's an element missing. It's okay to make changes to your packaging design as it's one of the factors for success in your business and representing the brand. Read along as we give you seven ways to elevate your packaging design to represent the business and its products.

The appeal of product packaging has the potential to trigger impulsive buying even for consumers with no intention to make a purchase.

1. Showcase Dynamic Designs

You'll be surprised the packaging design affects your customers' perspective of the business. It's always good to change the design once every six months to a year to attract more customers to your store. A great way to do this without changing your brand image is it ad a textured material to your product labels and product packaging. Not only will this touch on a deeper psychological engagement with your brand, it will also elevate your product.

2. Elevate Your Typography

Have you thought of using words to create the design for your package? Make the written language more appealing by adding texture to your typography in the way of Spot UV or Metallic Treatments, Embossing, or Debossing. Using texture in typography keeps your customers' attention fixed on your packaging thus increasing engagement with your product. It also provides a boost to your brand's recognization, preference, and awareness. It's a great way to connect with the customers with a design made of words related to your business' values and goals.

3. Packaging Textures

Not only do your customers see the designs, but also they get to feel the texture of the materials. Whether it's silky, smooth, bumpy, or soft, engage your customers at every step. Many eco-friendly companies imbue high-quality paper-pulp textures In an imitation of the imperfections found in nature in their designs. Using natural textures reinforces a brand's eco-friendly approach and all-natural ingredients. While a tech product will use high-gloss and metallic materials to emphasize their technological, and synthetic brand.

4. Keep the Design Unique

Create a package design can be tricky as it's one of the factors to keep your business' doors open. It doesn't have to be elegant and fancy design to attract customers into the store. Uniqueness is the best way to go, especially if you're on a budget for paying for packaging design each month. Your packaging design needs a unique touch to increase attractiveness to your products and customers purchase them. It also connects with the customers seeing the design in quality and purpose of your brand's awareness.

A study revealed three more pieces of impressive evidence in support of the power of packaging design:

  1. Attractive packaging triggered more intense activity in areas of the brain associated with impulsivity than neutral packaging.

  2. Unattractive and attractive packaging lead to less activity in areas of the brain responsible for reflective thought than neutral packaging.

  3. Attractive packaging triggered reward responses in the brain whereas unattractive packaging triggered areas associated with negative emotion.

Final Thoughts

It's crucial to have the design matches your business' brand and values. Collect your customers' opinions is a great way to make changes in your packaging design. Another way is to showcase sample designs and allow your customers to see and feel them before determining the preferred packaging design for your business.

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